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Just a „Hype“?

The ongoing, almost inflationary spread of the terms sustainability and corporate sustainability over the recent months may lead to the conclusion that one year from now no one will be interested in this „hype“ any longer. Easily overseen in such an approach is the fact, that a the bottom of an increased public interest on the subject matter is a true paradigm change. Sustainability is no longer reduced to isolated ecological aspects but seen as the inevitable foundation of entrepreneurial action.

But the most recent capital market crisis also clearly emphasized a very different aspect of sustainability: trust into a company and its products are heavily dependent on a wholeheartedly implemented sustainability strategy. A company management team that repeatedly gives long-term customer relationships priority over short-term profits will be able to rely on these sustainable relationships in difficult times.

The same is true for the internal relationships with employees, where sustainable practices are even faster and, over a longer period of time, even more clearly visible than in external customer relations. In both cases exercised sustainability creates credibility, internally as externally.

Two areas of action result for DRP. from this being said: first a well exercised sustainability behavior of DRP. toward our customers, employees and the environment, second the consulting of clients on the subjects of corporate sustainability.



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